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Syed Majid Hassan
Syed Majid Hassan 3 tuntia sitten
Better than Attack on Titan
joe 19 tuntia sitten
When next duel
Nef 215
Nef 215 Päivä sitten
What about ax cousin and musket Uncle
Overlord Inquisitor
Overlord Inquisitor 2 päivää sitten
Penguino 8-Bit
Penguino 8-Bit 2 päivää sitten
What's the song in the end?
Thành Ông Nguyễn Gia
Thành Ông Nguyễn Gia 3 päivää sitten
It gud n then bad n then gud again WTH
Bluemarius 4 päivää sitten
Gunsword man
M Firdan Hb.P.
M Firdan Hb.P. 4 päivää sitten
Ah yes magicman
Kurohell UwU
Kurohell UwU 5 päivää sitten
Huong-Jennifer Vo
Huong-Jennifer Vo 6 päivää sitten
Son Man: *exists* Brother Man: I’m about to end this whole career! *about to blast Son Man* Son Man: Well sh- *TO BE CONTINUED*
DoodleSquid524 And SquidFish524
how long until the next duel video?
「 Glitch Goat 」
「 Glitch Goat 」 7 päivää sitten
Hes become gunsword man man
This gets the power metalhead seal of approval
Scissors Studios
Scissors Studios 8 päivää sitten
This is my favorite anime
Blacc Oreo
Blacc Oreo 8 päivää sitten
Best series not on the market
Flamo 10 päivää sitten
duel is now just berd’s way to flex his music taste
lol LR
lol LR 10 päivää sitten
Squall's gunblade? Heeeeeeeell yeaaaaah
Heavy Weapons Guy
Heavy Weapons Guy 10 päivää sitten
So many to be continued
Treely the tree
Treely the tree 10 päivää sitten
The most epic franchise ever
logikiwi 12 päivää sitten
It feels like I'm watching a Newgrounds sprite animation and I love it
Logan Lee
Logan Lee 12 päivää sitten
This single video has had more effort put into it than the entirety of Ex-Arm
Flarus 12 päivää sitten
I’m still wondering how the HELL Gun Man came back
Spooky Lad
Spooky Lad 13 päivää sitten
I came because of Gloryhammer Was not disappointed
StALe WaTEr 13 päivää sitten
I’m so sorry i had to dislike because i needdd to make it 100 instead of 99…….
CyclingSnowBrush 7 päivää sitten
You didnt NEED to
Firenzar Frenzy
Firenzar Frenzy 14 päivää sitten
Berd is an anime
Emmie Gacha123
Emmie Gacha123 15 päivää sitten
Y do i want this to be an actual series-
CyclingSnowBrush 7 päivää sitten
It literally is -_-
jade 16 päivää sitten
who wouldve known he still had the png of the sword
Pedolski 17 päivää sitten
This is one masterpiece of a fever dream
Querobin S. Lopez-lll
Querobin S. Lopez-lll 17 päivää sitten
Fox123e E
Fox123e E 17 päivää sitten
Really good lad keep up the good work you should continue this series keep it up
TheNetherKing Of everything
TheNetherKing Of everything 17 päivää sitten
nooooouououoououoouououououuouoououoouou CLIFF(HANGER)
Sevenaya Shinedown
Sevenaya Shinedown 18 päivää sitten
I'm glad this sequel to Titanic got funded, Jack and Rose got done wrong at the end of the first one.
FireFox_274 18 päivää sitten
They are gonna set the universe on fire
Gerald 19 päivää sitten
“Oh no a gunman” Gunman: ohoho I’m gonna stab ya
A_NerdWithNoGlasses 20 päivää sitten
This has become one the best anime
Sly Sickle blade
Sly Sickle blade 21 päivä sitten
I am massive confused if sword man and gun man fused is that gunman that fell out of the sun or is this a battle between the two Berds inside fusion mans mind
shelly corry
shelly corry 21 päivä sitten
I need mor
xXFireLazerzXx Gaming
xXFireLazerzXx Gaming 21 päivä sitten
How does it get more intense every video?! Can't wait to see what the next part of duel is gonna be
Nikolas 22 päivää sitten
Gloryhammer 💪
bean 22 päivää sitten
Cant wait for episode 6
BitLocoLotp 23 päivää sitten
Duel better than netflix
Drayko 23 päivää sitten
When did this come out?
CyclingSnowBrush 7 päivää sitten
seojun lee
seojun lee 24 päivää sitten
What's with the gunife
MGR 24 päivää sitten
Small thought, but they made a gunlance
Paul Rutigliano
Paul Rutigliano 25 päivää sitten
Every anime ever:
did you want a name
did you want a name 25 päivää sitten
The hate ball and the chara locket lol
oofer doofer
oofer doofer 25 päivää sitten
Swordman and gunman merges, becomes swunman Magical wizard from space comes down to kill swunman, reason unknown
AnubisGodess 23
AnubisGodess 23 25 päivää sitten
Holy crap I came in with the episode of The Final Duel and I've somehow binge-watch entire season this thing is fire dor the animations.
Noodlemations 25 päivää sitten
Dang it not again
itay .y
itay .y 27 päivää sitten
Omg 420k and 69 views that's amazing
DapperDolphinVids 27 päivää sitten
If berd made a full length anime I’d watch the shit out of that
Dexter Power Blaster
Dexter Power Blaster 27 päivää sitten
ThermicYT 28 päivää sitten
*cries in memes*
Iftekher Ahmed
Iftekher Ahmed 28 päivää sitten
A gun-sword that shoots hands-free guns that shoots bullets. *Our universe is not ready for such a weapon*
Camo Piano
Camo Piano 28 päivää sitten
This is better than most anamie
Serpent Snake
Serpent Snake 28 päivää sitten
Swordgun man vs gun man?
waks2001 29 päivää sitten
duel is the best anime ever. cant wait for the reboot in 20 years to be half as good
NASA Potato
NASA Potato 29 päivää sitten
Make more pls
Alven Port
Alven Port 29 päivää sitten
Derek H
Derek H 29 päivää sitten
This is just berd trying to show us his entire playlist
Username.exe_not_found 29 päivää sitten
Un-Ironically this is on the level of the final battle in anime where the main theme starts playing P.S. i wish i could like this more than once
takinames the rat
takinames the rat Uukausi sitten
my way of getting dopamine and serotonin
Conner 1
Conner 1 Uukausi sitten
Is this how bayanates were added to guns
K's Models
K's Models Uukausi sitten
Just sayin I would glady watch a berd version of the Gloryhammer lore
P.M. Seymour
P.M. Seymour Uukausi sitten
Little did everyone forget, Gunman stores more gunman inside him
Blacc Oreo
Blacc Oreo 8 päivää sitten
More man
This cup of water
This cup of water 19 päivää sitten
@hello hello Indeed
hello hello
hello hello 20 päivää sitten
a verified person with under 1k likes is very rare
Swozzle Uukausi sitten
That is indeed how non-hollow 3D objects work
zDemonKitten :3
zDemonKitten :3 Uukausi sitten
10/10 best anime
wither man
wither man Uukausi sitten
I have 2 theories. 1: last stand and the beginning are not cannon. 2: gun man's blood/skin from the final finale created a clone of gun man, which ends up fused with sword man; this means that the space man is just gun man from the final finale with some flesh missing around his eye.
bigfoot Uukausi sitten
Loving the gloryhammer man
Jamie Uukausi sitten
theory: the snickers was actually a way to control gun man, and space man has been pulling the strings. However, through the love and sacrifice of sword man, they have now merged into gunsword-man, and now have to face space man
TSFN Uukausi sitten
Theory: The black hole bullet space man sends at fusion man is similar to the giant bullet in duel - the finale. He will remember his training and aggressively t-pose at space man Theory 2: The kick slide space man used was used by sword man in duel - the final finale. meaning space man could be connected to sword man in some way
Eshan Ahmed
Eshan Ahmed Uukausi sitten
why is sword gun man fighting gun man
Luiz Gamer
Luiz Gamer Uukausi sitten
i f#cking want more of this duel
A. Mabud
A. Mabud Uukausi sitten
Will the buttplug locket give him enough power? Find out on the next ep ig
Fermit_the Krog
Fermit_the Krog Uukausi sitten
When you add a bayonet but it’s a joke game.
Stains are bad
Stains are bad Uukausi sitten
Honestly this reminds me of another animation
Miles Kennedy
Miles Kennedy Uukausi sitten
does anyone know the to be continued song?
P-Bean Uukausi sitten
Me Me Me
Me Me Me Uukausi sitten
This is never gonna end
albert mooney
albert mooney Uukausi sitten
It's time to D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D Duel!
Nolan Williams
Nolan Williams Uukausi sitten
It says to be continued Where is the continued
CyclingSnowBrush 7 päivää sitten
Animations take time
JJK_97 Uukausi sitten
The music tho ITS BOPTASTIC
Woafy Uukausi sitten
Top 10 anime battles
Thewhite Marked Raven
Thewhite Marked Raven Uukausi sitten
Can't believe they used universe on fire by gloryhammer and made it even cheesier and better. 10000/10, would watch movie trilogy.
Kyler Britton
Kyler Britton Uukausi sitten
Berd thicc tho
yes Uukausi sitten
Just let gun man win and then be like, oh wait, now I am sad
Luis Gomez
Luis Gomez Uukausi sitten
Guy: My favorite anime is Demon slayer. Me: My favorite anime is duel.
Andrew Gutierrez
Andrew Gutierrez Uukausi sitten
livi Uukausi sitten
this can be a show and id watch it
Komrade BigTex sucks
Komrade BigTex sucks Uukausi sitten
oh fuck yeah gloryhammer
P3WTER0 l0l
P3WTER0 l0l Uukausi sitten
Oh boy I can’t wait for the finale
Bahee Toot
Bahee Toot Uukausi sitten
A . E A A A
LIGHT ANIMATOR Uukausi sitten
A Dude • 67 years ago
Guilty gear in a Nutshell
Just Another Bot
Just Another Bot Uukausi sitten
It took me like 20 seconds to comprehend that you’re using a Gloryhammer song for this episode
Meowy Meowz Plays
Meowy Meowz Plays Uukausi sitten
In the final finale gun man exploded into many gun mans
Isaiah Blanc
Isaiah Blanc Uukausi sitten
This went from stupid funny video to genuine anime.
Luiz Gamer
Luiz Gamer Uukausi sitten
Anime battles in 9th season be like:
MTF Cadet
MTF Cadet Uukausi sitten
This series is pretty much the fight between Dr. Clef and Dr. Bright
yumlum Uukausi sitten
Too bee conttended
Gavin P
Gavin P Uukausi sitten
Gloryhammer music
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